Monitoring game economy inflation for product people – Data-Driven Product Management

We all know that inflation in a game economy can cause a lot of problems. Among which: Decreased need to spend money on in-app purchases to obtain game items/currency Increased difficulty for new players to be able to compete with older players Lack of feeling of meaningful progression Overall spender …

How reasoning about LTV, ARPDAU, and CPIs can help product development strategy (Part 2)

This article is a good place for anyone interested in product design in this area to understand how monetization, retention, cost of acquisition are interdependent when we set our business goals.

How reasoning about LTV, ARPDAU, and CPIs can help your product development strategy (Part 1)

Working on mobile F2P games comes with a myriad of KPIs (key performance indicators). And often the relationships between these factors are more important than the values per se. Being active in this industry will give most people a feeling of these KPI relationships. But for people that, love to …

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